Jacksonville Tattoo Convention 2018
August 24-26, 2018

Tattoo Artist Booth Registration Agreement Terms and Policies

Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village

If you are registering for the 2018 Jacksonville Tattoo Convention presented by Southeast Tattoos and ConventionPros, please read over the below information, sign and return with the following registration form. This copy must be signed and returned to confirm your spot.  Any registration forms returned without both pages signed will not be processed.  

* After submitting your payment and confirming your spot/ booth refunds will not be given unless the convention is cancelled due to outside reasons. This is in regard to weather, hotel/ venue circumstances and other unforeseen “Act of God” situations.  In the event that this was to occur, another set of dates would be provided as the new convention dates.

* We do not accept deposits. If you submit a deposit, your spot will not be considered confirmed and the deposit will be returned. Full payment must be received.
* All booths are on a first come first serve basis.

* Piercing is not allowed to take place in the booth or convention!!
* If you are splitting a booth with another shop, the name of that shop must be listed on the registration form.

* All artists working the show, must have their Florida Tattooing License. Any artists doing work at the convention will be required to have a copy of their license/ permit to work during the convention. If you need an application or information on these permits and licenses, please email us or contact the State Representative, Cassandra Haverkamp at cassandra.haverkamp@flhealth.gov.

* You will be allowed up to four badges per booth/ spot paid for.  It will be the number of booths that you purchased times four badges. At the time of onsite registration, you will be required to provide both first and last name of each person in your booth. Badges will only be issued for the names given.  Additional badges will be available for a nominal cost of $50.00.  ONLY FOUR BADGES/ WRISTBANDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR EACH BOOTH PURCHASED. They are only for people working the booth. No clients or others.

You also agree to any of the hotel/ convention center policies and standards that they may have.

* Convention Pros, Jacksonville Tattoo Convention and the Southeast Tattoo Conventions reserve the right to refuse and refund any submitted registrations.

*** By doing your online signature, you and those working in your booth

agree to and understand the information provided above.***


2018 Tattoo Artist/Studio Booth Registration